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Why Pak is so flustered by Husain Haqqani’s recent Washington Post article

Catch News, Published 18 March 2017

An article in The Washington Post on 10 March by former Pak ambassador to the US, Husain Haqqani, has set the cat among the pigeons in Pakistan.

Haqqani’s article has to be seen at three levels:  (more…)

United with a rope of sand


AJAI SAHNI, India Today

Published 03 March 2017

We live in an age of jingoistic ultranationalism, and a book on Pakistan by a former top Indian intelligence officer raises expectations of a high measure of rancour and stridency. Instead, Devasher approaches his subject with extraordinary calm, but is unblinking in his gaze on Pakistan’s endless courting of the abyss. (more…)

Pakistan pushing itself towards the abyss with its Afghanistan obsession


DAILY-O Published 19 January 2017

A broad sweep of the history of Pak-Afghan relations since 1947 reveals that at its core, Pakistan’s policy is dictated by its insecurity vis-à-vis the Durand Line. Right from 1947, Pakistan was faced with a western border that was disputed by its neighbour just as, in its perceptions, India in the east too was seeking to undo Partition. (more…)

Pakistan: Courting The Abyss review: The book delves deep into problems of Pak


Published January 29, 2017

The book traces Pakistan’s journey from an optimistic start towards a rather pessimistically-painted doom, to which it now seems to be hurtling. Written with flair and analytical precision by a trained intelligence professional, now retired, it delves deep into problems which Pakistan faces. Dealing with most issues with empathy and objectivity, (more…)