Vivekananda International Foundation, 05 March 2018

Pakistan’s capital Islamabad has seen many dharnas and protests in the last few years. However, perhaps for the first time it was witness to a 10-day sit-in (01-10 February 2018) by about 5000 Pashtuns largely from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). The sit-in was an expression of their pent-up feelings of resentment, anger and alienation at their treatment by the state for decades as part of a dubious policy seeking ‘strategic depth’ in Afghanistan. (more…)


Pakistan: A Dangerous Divide

Vivekananda International Foundation, Published 16 March 2017

The civil-military tug of war in Pakistan has masked what could be an even more dangerous divide in the polity. This is the growing alienation among Pakhtuns in Pakistan during the last few years, culminating in the recent racial profiling of the community in Punjab. (more…)