The Gilgit- Baltistan feint

Indian Express Published 19 April 2017

The Gilgit- Baltistan feint


Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) has been in the news recently due to the March 14 revelation of a Pakistani minister that the government was considering making it the fifth province of Pakistan. This was pursuant to the recommendations of a committee headed by the (more…)


Surgical strikes: India calls Pakistan’s strategic bluff. How will the Sharifs respond?



Two statements regarding the 18 September Uri attack by Pakistan-based terrorists, which led to the death of 18 Indian soldiers, were significant. One was of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, assuring the country that “the attack won’t go unpunished”. The other was of the Director General of Military Operations Lt Gen Ranbir Singh saying that a “befitting reply” would be given “at the time and place of our choosing”. (more…)

Pak General Raheel Sharif’s Defence Day address: 5 key takeaways

In Pakistan, 6 September is observed as ‘Defence Day’. It is an occasion for collective pats on the back, led by the Army and the media, about how India was taught a ‘befitting’ lesson for its ‘treacherous’ attack on Lahore on this day in 1965.

The official narrative of the 1965 war totally ignores Pakistan’s own aggression in (more…)

Why PoK elections are important to understand Kashmir unrest

The July 21, 2016 elections to the Legislative Assembly in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) – or Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) as Pakistan seeks to call it – went almost unnoticed in India. The Indian media’s attention being drawn almost exclusively to the situation in the Kashmir Valley, these elections, the results and the possible impact on India, continues to be ignored here. (more…)

The “other Kashmir” : 8 things you need to know about polls in Pak Occupied Kashmir

July 20, 2016

With the Indian media caught up with the situation in the Kashmir Valley, the elections to the Legislative Assembly taking place today in Pakistan Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (POK or Popularly known as POK) have gone almost unnoticed. This is despite the fact that these elections are being billed as the most fiercely contested ones in the area. (more…)