BOOK REVIEW- Pakistan: Courting the Abyss,


DR. AMBREEN AGHA, Research Fellow, Indian Council of World Affairs New Delhi

INDIAN FOREIGN AFFAIRS JOURNAL- Association of India Diplomats

The recent lynching and killing of a young Ahmadi University student, Mashal Khan (23), on 13 April 2017, in the Pakistani tribal Province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa over charges of blasphemy indicates the culture of “intolerance and violence [that is] not a new phenomenon; [and] dates back to the origins of Pakistan itself” (p. xvii). This is the subject of Tilak Devasher’s book, Pakistan: Courting the Abyss. While reading its first few pages, one is compelled to ask: what is it that has led to the silencing of all debate in Pakistan? Are ongoing military operations a solution to the “totality of the malaise” inflicting Pakistan? To find answers to these questions, Devasher’s book provides a comprehensive account of a country that ‘faces problems internally’ and how it “poses [threats] externally to the world” (p. xxi). (more…)


Book Review: What will be Pakistan’s Fate? Toxic Legacies and Structural Weaknesses


San Francisco Review of Books May 24, 2017

What will be Pakistan’s fate? Acts of commission or omission by itself, in/by neighbours, and superpowers far and near have led the nuclear-armed country at a strategic Asian crossroads to emerge as a serious regional and global concern while creating many grave internal faultlines that raise doubts about its viable existence – or even existence for that matter. (more…)

Pak in for major civil-military face-off: Army rejects Sharif action on Dawn leak

Catch News Published 29 April 2017

“Notification on Dawn Leak is incomplete and not in line with recommendations by the Inquiry Board. Notification is rejected.” 3:22 PM – 29 Apr 2017

This tweet dated 29 April 2017 from the DG Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor came almost immediately after the Prime Minister’s Office released a notice stating PM Nawaz Sharif had accepted the inquiry committee’s recommendations into the Dawn Leaks. (more…)

Why Pak is so flustered by Husain Haqqani’s recent Washington Post article

Catch News, Published 18 March 2017

An article in The Washington Post on 10 March by former Pak ambassador to the US, Husain Haqqani, has set the cat among the pigeons in Pakistan.

Haqqani’s article has to be seen at three levels:  (more…)

A Dive into the Abyss


Pranay Kotasthane, PRAGATI

Published 17 March, 2017

The Pakistani state has an unenviable reputation. It is a complex run both by the military and by jihadis. It is a prominent exponent of rent-seeking behaviour. It is a basket case of military supremacy with a diplomatic veneer. And yet, there is one reason to be pleased that it exists. (more…)

Pakistan: A Dangerous Divide

Vivekananda International Foundation, Published 16 March 2017

The civil-military tug of war in Pakistan has masked what could be an even more dangerous divide in the polity. This is the growing alienation among Pakhtuns in Pakistan during the last few years, culminating in the recent racial profiling of the community in Punjab. (more…)