Akhtar Mansoor killed: what this means for the US, Pakistan & Taliban

The killing of the Taliban Amir Mullah Akhtar Mansoor in a US drone strike on 21 May in the Dalbandin area of Balochistan in Pakistan, has significant implications for US policy towards the Af-Pak region. It will also affect Pak-US relations, the Taliban, the Afghan peace process and Pakistan.

The drone strike signals a probable shift in US policy towards the Af-Pak region since this was the first American drone strike in Balochistan. The previous strikes were against (more…)


Balochistan: caught in a web of corruption

Balochistan is invariably in the news for the wrong reasons – human rights abuse by the Army, missing persons, ‘kill and dump’, etc.

It’s made headlines again. But this time for corruption rather than violence.

The arrest of the Finance Secretary of Balochistan Mushtaq Raisani on 6 May 2016 and several other officials from the Quetta Civil Secretariat was big news. An amount of Rs 73 crore in cash, and jewellery worth nearly Rs 4 crore, were recovered from (more…)